Signs that It is Time to End a Bad Relationship

In the cycle of life, people grow up and get married as adults. In general, they find the one with whom they are meant to be with for the rest of their lives. They have children, raise their family, and the story has a happy ending, right? Well, that is not necessarily always the case. Unlike the fairy tale’s “happily ever after,” real life doesn’t run as smoothly as that. Some couples get together and realize somewhere down the road that they are not as compatible as they thought. Sometimes they can work it out by going to counseling, church or some other advice group.

There are times when the best thing to do is just end the relationship. It may be better in the long run to get a divorce and spare the family more heartache. How can one tell when it is time to do such? One of the key signs that it is time to move on is when one partner feels that the trust is gone. Without trust, there is nothing to build on in the future. Another sign that is is time to move forward alone is when one partner feels he or she would be happier alone.

A third sign that it is definitely time to move on is when there is cheating in the relationship. Specifically if it is an ongoing thing, such as an affair. Other signs that it may be time to move on include, but are not limited to abuse in the marriage, staying together just for the children, staying together because of the possible stigma of divorce, spouses no longer spending time together or have anything in common, and one spouse manipulating the other.

Marriage is about give and take. If one is doing all the giving and the other one is doing all the taking, it is time to seek a divorce attorney. Maley & Nicholas are divorce attorneys in Jackson, Mississippi who will help clients seeking a divorce. For over 10 years of combined experience, they have been helping clients with divorce proceedings. If a person needs more clues about whether or not it is time to seek a divorce, he or she can visit the website,