The Millennials Will Be Still Be Working

For the longest time, 65 has been the standard retirement age. Not everyone retires at that time, but enough to make it the average. But for Millennials, 65 is going to be early retirement – very early retirement.

Recent research indicates that Millennials may have to work until 75 to fund their nest egg. Here we’ll break down of those findings, and what can be done about it.

Why Millennials Will Have to Work Longer

Unlike any other previous generation, Millennials face an onslaught of financial challenges. Student loans, rising rents and lower starting salaries point towards a depressing fact – the average Millennial will struggle to fund their retirement. The Great Recession has also made recent graduates wary of investing in the stock market, even though that’s where their money can grow the fastest.

Not convinced? A study by NerdWallet found that Millennials will have to work until age 75 to fund their retirement, compared to current seniors who only have to work until 62. That’s just one piece of research in