Over-Promoting is an Egregious Mistake in Affiliate Promotions

Twitter is a useful place to see what people are doing right- and horribly wrong- in their marketing efforts. One of the most egregious mistakes in Twitter marketing is the cesspool of over promotion. It is a giant pile of over promoted affiliate marketing, and it can be a serious swamp.

Over-promotion is such a glaring mistake, but it only seems obvious from an outside point-of-view. While looking inward, it can seem like such an effective idea. Take note of many of the staples of Twitter and affiliate marketing that seem to be shared (and subsequently, over shared) on all the blogs.

  • Post three times a day
  • Add hashtags as needed for extra shares
  • Retweet a lot, and don’t worry so much about private messages- they aren’t public
  • Promote others

All of this can make a Twitter profile seem rich and full of life. So why do so many of these result in terribly dull and uninteresting Twitter feeds? Why are so many people so unimaginative? Affiliate marketers often fall into a trap of making their feeds, in whatever form, a bit too stifled. They become boring and they use language that is overtly promotional. There is a common little rule in promotions that accounts for the 80/20 ratio. It means 80% content, 20% promotions. This often manifests in a tag paragraph at the end of the content that suggests action. The rest of the 80% of the article is pure content.

It is easy to fall into a far less desirable ratio of 95% promotions and 5% content in Twitter. The content exists in small bites. It is easy to make a post. Over promotional is a major issue in Twitter for these reasons. It is also eroding the entire platform and making what would be solid accounts into junk accounts that retweet promotional posts and always seek to land a sale somewhere. Make it interesting. Promote, but don’t over-promote. The idea of affiliate marketing is not to get every onboard all the time. It is about making content that is strong, and allowing people to engage with it on those terms.